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Upstream operations and coronavirus

Other informations
  • At the beginning of March, Repsol activated a global plan to ensure the normal functioning of operations at all its facilities. This plan also aims to minimize the risks of contagion and spread of infectious diseases.
  • Repsol is reinforcing the security and prevention measures, and they are continuously being updated. We are following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local authorities, including Alberta Health Services, the City of Calgary, and Health Canada. Learn more about COVID-19 guidelines issued for Alberta here.
  • Under the current circumstances, Repsol is fully committed to the implementation of all necessary measures to reduce the risk of contagion among our own employees and collaborating professionals from other companies.
  • All employees whose positions and functions can be carried out remotely and whose presence in the workplace is not needed to ensure the continuity of operations are already working from their homes, thus ensuring the safety of the processes at all times.
  • At the operational facilities, extraordinary measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of the persons present and to ensure the continuity of operations.
  • Repsol is meeting regularly with contracting companies, transporters, and suppliers to identify the appropriate measures and prepare common contingency plans.
  • To Repsol, the most important thing is the safety and the protection of the health of those involved in its operations: our own employees and collaborating professionals from other companies together with their families, as well as all of our customers. We have activated different communications channels through which our employees will continuously be kept informed about the evolution of the situation and what they must do in every circumstance.