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Aboriginal Engagement

Aboriginal Engagement

Contributing to the development of communities

At Repsol, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. We proactively engage with local and Aboriginal communities in the areas where we live and operate

Repsol undertakes transparent and proactive engagement with Aboriginal communities in a timely, honest and culturally appropriate manner throughout the lifecycle of our activities. Our goal is to establish enduring relationships with communities based on principles of respect, integrity, responsibility, transparency, good faith and trust. Listening to and learning from communities in the area of influence of our projects helps us form strong relationships and identify potential impacts and concerns, and supports shared decision making.

Repsol follows the principles of free, prior and informed consultation, which means working with Aboriginal communities at the earliest stages of development towards obtaining and maintaining broad-based support for our projects.

We value cross-cultural awareness. We respect the importance of traditional ties to the land that hold spiritual or cultural significance for Aboriginal communities. In our consultations with Aboriginal communities, we value Aboriginal culture, history, community interests, customs, languages and cultural communication styles, and build these learnings into our community engagement activities.

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Corporate Responsibility Model

Corporate Responsibility Model

Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol