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Community Report

Community Report
  • 2018 Community Report

    This report reflects our commitment to transparent, responsible and sustainable development and our strong belief that neighboring communities and local stakeholders should benefit from our activities.


Safety Leadership

Improving safety performance continues to be a key business goal for our Canadian operations. Through a structured coaching approach (Safety Excellence for Supervisors and Managers), a safety consultant works directly with field-based leadership in real, day-to-day work activities to improve personal safety ownership and to encourage individual and team behaviours that demonstrates visible and credible improvements in safety leadership.
Aboriginal Communities

Supporting Aboriginal Communities

We provide First Nations entrepreneurs with access to funds so they can create new businesses or maintain and expand existing ones. We also have an awards program that supports Alberta First Nations and Metis during their enrollments at technical schools, colleges or universities.

See 2018 Community Report

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Contractor qualification

Contractor Qualification

We only work with experienced suppliers who meet our safety standards and who are properly licensed and insured.
Social Investment Funding Criteria

Social Investment Funding Criteria

We provide both financial and non-financial contributions to communities in close proximity to our operations. Find out if your project is eligible for funding.