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We are committed to establishing strong relationships with communities within the areas where we operate. These relationships are based on mutual recognition and respect, trust, participatory dialogue, ultimately, creating shared value.

We maximize our positive impact on local communities by providing support and funding for projects in these areas:

Environment & Safety

Programs that contribute to the safety of the communities where we operate, long term health and biodiversity of local and regional ecosystems, water and land conservation and stewardship.

Education & Innovation

Initiatives that help develop a trained and skilled workforce through support of youth literacy programs and post-secondary education in business, engineering, science, trades, technology and arts and culture, promoting and supporting STEM education.

Empowering Communities

Projects that generate economic opportunities for local residents, cultural initiatives and social issues such as equality, poverty, health/healthy living, women’s and children’s needs.

Discover some of our projects

Telus Spark Agreement
Repsol Sport Centre
Eddie’s Big Run Society
The Medical Equipment Lending Society
Telus Spark Agreement

Inspiring curiosity and innovation in youth

At Repsol, we support the school programs at Telus Spark, a science centre that inspires innovation and curiosity in youth through a hands-on approach to STEM learning. We identify with Telus Spark’s multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving in which knowledge from science, technology, engineering, and math is powered by imagination and curiosity'
Promoting Well-being and Innovation

Promoting Well-Being and Innovation

Due to our strong alignment around our values of health, well-being, and innovation, we are proud to sponsor the Repsol Sport Centre with a contribution of $10 million through a twenty-year naming rights agreement.
Eddie’s Big Run Society

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Hundreds of people of all ages participate in the 1km Kids Fun Run, the 5km walk/run, the 10km run and the 21km half marathon. The Eddie’s Big Run has a very positive impact on the community and the support from Repsol promotes an active and healthy lifestyle and community excitement.
Eddie’s Big Run Society

The Medical Equipment Lending Society

Supporting Medical Equipment At Repsol, we strongly support organizations and services dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities where we operate. For the past two years Repsol has supported The Medical Equipment Lending Society of West Central Alberta (The M.E.L. Society).
  • Repsol Volunteering

    Outside of their day-to-day work, our employees dedicate their time and energy to creating a lasting effect on the communities where we live and work. Take a look at some of our Repsol volunteer activities below.

    • Galería
  • Promoting Well-being and Innovation
    • Telus Spark agrement
    • Promoting Well-being and Innovation
Aboriginal Engagement

Supporting Aboriginal Communities

We provide First Nations entrepreneurs with access to funds, so they can start new businesses or maintain and expand existing ones. We also have an awards program that supports Alberta First Nations and Metis during their enrollments at technical schools, colleges, or universities.
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Shared Values

We believe that the communities where we live and operate should benefit from our presence, working to create shared value and build alliances together.
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Fundación Repsol Volunteering

Fundación Repsol promotes many kinds of volunteering activities and encourages the involvement of employees and people from the entire Repsol Group.