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Social Investment Funding Criteria

Social Investment Funding Criteria

Financing of social investment

In an effort to ensure our corporate contributions are put to their most effective use, we have established clear social investment funding criteria. We look to create strategic partnerships that focus on measurable results. We provide both financial and non-financial contributions to communities in close proximity to our operations

We support registered charitable organizations and not-for-profit organizations in Canada. Please review the criteria below to determine if your organization and/or initiative is eligible for funding.

Community Partners Eligible to Partner with Repsol:

  • Local/international NGO 
  • Registered charities
  • Registered social enterprises
  • Well established grassroots non-commercial community organizations under the government structure
  • Public schools in remote areas 
  • Shelters and social support agencies

Priorities in Choosing Community Partners:

  • Fit with Repsol’s focus areas of education, environment and empowering communities
  • Demonstrated sustainability of the project beyond the initial investment
  • The degree to which Repsol support is building on existing capacities, or resources
  • Clear link to Repsol business objectives
  • Opportunity to define exit strategy upfront 
  • The ability to address real community needs, as identified through stakeholder consultations

Other Issues for Consideration

  • The degree to which key community stakeholders are involved in project planning and decision-making
  • Evidence of shared goals and co-operation among stakeholders involved; Work plan feasibility 
  • Partnership is in accordance with expectations outlined in Repsol’s Policy on Business Conduct and Ethics

Community Partner Profile

  • Reputation of community partner, including research on likelihood of delivery
  • Leadership and innovation demonstration
  • Non-profit or charitable status, compliance with in-country regulatory bodies and operating norms
  • Cost effectiveness of the organization in relation to the complexity of their goals and programming
  • Likelihood to achieve sustainability beyond our involvement 
  • Potential opportunity for our employees to participate, i.e. to volunteer

Exclusions for Social Investment Funding

  • Individuals or teams
  • Religious organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services)
  • Political parties or candidates
  • Private educational institutions
  • Professional or fraternal societies or conferences (unless industry related)
  • Travel funds, field trips or contests
  • Third-party fundraising endeavours
  • Organizations focused on the advocacy of a particular social, religious, moral, political or economic point of view
  • Organizations funded by the United Way of Calgary

Please note: approval in one year does not automatically mean funding will be provided in subsequent years. Applications should be submitted annually. We respond only to requests submitted through our online application form. Requests submitted by mail, fax, email or telephone are not considered.

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Corporate Responsibility Model

Corporate Responsibility Model

Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol