At Repsol, we work to reduce waste generation and promote reusing and recycling.

In addition to compliance with all regulatory requirements, we work to generate new opportunities within the Circular Economy. Making efficient use of natural resources, with the objective to increase efficiency, maximize transparency and reduce environmental impact.

We improve waste management throughout the life cycle of our processes and work to develop our company's Circular Economy strategy. This new production and consumption economic model transforms waste into new resources as opposed to a traditional linear economy based on the take, make, and dispose model.

One of our major challenges is to meet our zero waste to landfill target. Using landfills results in loss of materials and energy in addition to the impact it has on the soil, on surface and ground water, and on the emission of greenhouse gases.

Reducing freshwater

We strive to reduce the use of freshwater by developing our flowback and produced water re-use strategy under the 2018 – 2025 Company's Circular Economy Strategy. In 2019 we completed the strategy for produced water and flowback for the Ferrier. Once a development plan is in place, our long-term plan includes recycling flowback water.

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Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol