Shared value with communities

Our focus on sustainable, safe operations is supported by our emphasis on proactive and transparent engagement with local stakeholders, suppliers, partners, and our neighbouring local and indigenous communities.

We strive to establish strong relationships with the communities in the areas where we operate. These relationships are based on mutual recognition and respect, trust, participatory dialogue, and ultimately, creating shared value.

Building shared value

We assess the opportunities that generate positive impacts and increase shared value in our projects. Our focus is on sustainable socio-economic development that is well planned and involves active dialog with local communities



In line with Repsol’s commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Objectives, we have defined a social opportunities strategy in order to contribute to socio-economic development and maximize the positive impacts of our operations in Canada.

Through active dialogue with our local stakeholders we work to identify opportunities for long-term community benefit focused on mitigating social risks and increasing capacity and economic development for the local area.

In Canada, our social opportunities (SO) strategy is focused on the following:

Skill development of local suppliers and workforce. Local economic development and entrepreneurship. Capacity building through education and scholarship programs.
Increasing employment skills for vulnerable populations, focused on diversity and inclusion. Protect the environment through stewardship and conservation projects. Build awareness of clean and alternative energies to contribute to reduce carbon footprint.


  • Our strategy is linked to the business objectives and action lines.
  • Our strategy establishes a proactive approach to reduce social risks in the communities where we operate.
  • Our strategy is participatory and multi-stakeholder approach to encourage an increase of community participation in identifying the SO programmes that affect their lives.
  • Our community relations team works to understand the local context through social risk and opportunities analysis and dialogue with local stakeholders to understand aspirations, perspectives and capabilities of the area.
  • We identify responsible partners to carry out our programmes.

We maximize our positive impact on local communities by sponsorship of projects in these areas:


Environment & Safety

Programs that contribute to the safety of the communities where we operate, the long-term health and biodiversity of local and regional ecosystems, including water and land conservation and stewardship efforts.


Education & Innovation

Initiatives aimed at developing a skilled workforce by supporting youth literacy programs and vocational training programs ranging from engineering, science, and technology to business, trade, and the arts, promoting and supporting STEM education.


Empowering Communities

Projects that create economic opportunities for local residents, cultural initiatives, and social issues focused on equality, poverty, healthy living, and women and children’s needs.

Discover our projects

Telus Spark School Programs

Inspiring youth with STEM education is one way that Repsol is working to invent the future. We know that a sustainable future requires an investment in science and technology to meet the current and future energy challenges. In 2019, we entered a two-year agreement to support Spark’s school programs. More than 72,000 students participate in Spark’s school programs, where students engage in hands-on science experiments and experiences, bringing out the innovative and disruptor mindset that will be vital for future STEM careers.

University of Alberta Engineering Safety Risk program

Our support for University of Alberta’ s Engineering Safety and Risk Management program demonstrates our commitment to safety and to the education of future engineers who will share this value and knowledge.

Chauvin Fire Department

Protecting the safety of our communities is one of Repsol’s core values. In 2019, we supported the Chauvin Fire Department with a $48,930 grant to purchase new lifesaving equipment that will increase the capability of the fire department to save lives. The Chauvin Fire Department, which includes several Repsol employees as volunteer firefighters, provides crucial services to the area to control wildfires, responds to structure fires and motor vehicle accidents, provides medical first response for people in need of care and awareness programs for the Village of Chauvin and the MD of Wainwright Division. The grant helped to upgrade Jaws of Life equipment and will enable the department to efficiently and effectively respond to all motor vehicle accidents involving entrapments with the best tools available to ensure minimal time to extricate trapped individuals from a hazardous and life-threatening situation.

Wildrose School Division

Libraries In 2019, the school libraries of the Wild Rose School Division got a boost with help from Repsol. Reading is a fundamental skill that sets a basis for other academic pursuits, future careers, and inclusion in community. Our community grant of $10,000 went a long way towards the purchase of new age-appropriate reading materials.

Environment Week at Evergreen Theatre

Students in Edson learned about climate change and energy efficiency with the help of the Evergreen Theatre’s innovative production. Approximately 400 students at elementary schools across the Yellowhead Region attended 15 educational shows. Repsol and the Edson & District Recycling Society were co-sponsors of this event, promoting the importance of engaging and interactive education focused on environmental stewardship and climate change.